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Hot Spot Gamer Studios is a studio that gives non-industry talent a chance to develop games while experiencing a studio like feel. Our games are developed remotely with people all across the world. This is a stepping-stone to bigger and better opportunities for all involved in the development process.

ABOUT Hot Spot Gamer Studios

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Pre-Development Trailer

Everything in this video is subject to change during development.


It’s been 21 days into development, the pace is quite slow, but considering that most of the development team is new to creating video games it’s not bad. 19% of the games tool items are completed and levels 1 and 2 are blocked out waiting for art assets. The producer is helping the art team with models and concepts. The creative writing team has handed in the stories for level 1 and will start on level 2 by the end of next week.


A mock title screen was made to help the audio team come up with the music for the game. The audio lead has been hard at work compiling sound by doing some fieldwork in a near by cemetery for level 1.



The majority of the assets are completed for level 1. At the moment one of our junior level designers is putting the pieces together. While the art is getting done, the pace is slow. We have had trouble with the art team, due to zero communication or they have quit the job without notifying their lead.


The producer is still cranking out art assets to help the art team. We have posted positions on Facebook and Twitter for 3D Modelers. 52% of the in-game tools are completed, compared to the 19% from the last update.



The Game Designer that was tasked with Level 1 has been let go and the producer took over. Level 1 is almost complete and ready for some gameplay programming. We are still currently looking for 3D Modelers, Level Designers and Creative Writers. Check out our job posting over on our Facebook page. 



We are currently getting the game ready for a playable demo by the end of May of 2018. The development team is hard at work and while the demo date is in May, the creative writing team is still proceeding to write for the other levels. Art, Audio and Programming are concentrating on level one for the demo.


So far the inventory is a slow process, but giving the player the ability to organize their inventory seemed to be a great idea for the game. There have been 10 out of the 14 in-game tools implemented into the inventory, along with the ability to place certain tools on the surfaces in the game. The droppable tools consist of Motion Sensors, REM Pods, Tape Recorder, Digital Voice Recorder, Tri-Pod and Video Cameras.